About us

We are the leaders in compaction machinery

Production and development since 1976

On a small scale, SAMAC started in 1976 with the service and improvement of existing vibratory rammers. Soon, the company started producing its own vibratory rammers and vibratory plates.

Due to rapid growth, production was expanded to new premises in the 1980s. A start was also made on the computer-controlled production of our own parts for the compaction machines.

The production of the parts has now been automated to such an extent that all parts are efficiently produced by computer.

High-tech production of SAMAC machines

The production of our products is a unique process. The factory hall in Zwolle consists of efficient and labour-friendly production places for the machines. The parts are also produced in our own factory.

Thanks to full automation, all parts are produced by computer. This has the advantage that one person can manage 6 machines to make parts.

The manufacture of the vibratory rammers is very fast. One rolls out of the production line every 55 minutes and the vibratory rammers are produced in one line. In contrast, the vibratory rammers are assembled in one place.